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Change the key of any song and give your guitar a brighter sound with our first-class capos – all while looking good.

Featuring expert craftsmanship, innovative designs and stylish, attractive visuals, our capos will deliver you both style and substance – all at a great price.

Whether you want to make your sound pop, a shortcut to stay in key or simply want to enjoy the creative wonders that a capo delivers, we’ve got you covered with the very best units you can get. From the popular guitar capos to bass, ukulele, banjo and even mandolin, you’ll find the perfect choice no matter what your instrument is.

Now you might be wondering what exactly makes our capos different from the rest. It’s simple.

High-Quality Materials

Featuring resilient bodies & strong components, our capos are made to last. Whether they’re made from stainless steel, aluminum, wood or hardened plastic, you can count on them to give you long-lasting performance and timeless looks, regardless of how much you use them.

Attractive Designs

Looks matter, and as musicians ourselves we know just how important they are. Due to this, besides performing perfectly, our capos are also stunning to look at and come in a variety of styles – classy, natural, minimal, novel & more – ensuring they match your own personal flare.

Fantastic Value

Whether you go for a simple capo or one that has a more intricate design and special features, you can always count on one thing – you’re getting a mountain of value out of it. We know first-hand just how expensive capos can be so we’re turning the tide by offering them at beautifully low prices.

And that’s just the beginning. We also offer the best customer service on the net and always make sure to put a whole lot of love and dedication into each package, free of charge!

We’re proud of the capos we offer and truly think they deliver the best bang for the buck you’ll ever find.
But don’t take our word for it – have a look at what our awesome customers have to say!

Super Fun and Easy to Use

I’ve been having a blast using my capos. I got a couple of different ones so I could get all creative and use them partially on the fret and it works wonders. It’s so fun and simple, really gets the creative juices flowing!

Lia Mercier
Casual Guitar Player

Revolutionized My Performance

Incredibly effective and the quick-changing feature of my capo makes key changes a breeze. I also love the sexy looks that the shiny metal capo gives my guitar. Quickly turned into an essential accessory whenever I perform.

Frank Rodrigues
Professional Guitarist

Raises the Pitch & the Style

Using a capodastro not only raises the pitch and gives you rich sounds but it raises the style as well, I’ve always enjoyed using them. After buying a whole lot, I’ve ended up sticking with the ones I got from MyCapos – they’re just that good!

Tom Walker

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