Best Capos

With extremely high ratings, an incredibly large volume of sales and a shared love by both customers and ourselves, these are the very best capos we’ve got to offer. From their quality craftsmanship and long-lasting materials to their eye-catching design and attractive colors, they’re guaranteed to please – all at a mind-blowing price.

The Basic Spring Clamp Capo – this is a must for every musician who doesn’t want an extravagant capo, but instead wants one that will not only do its job in the most effective way while also getting a few extras. Available at a very affordable price, this plastic spring clamp capo has a strong grip whilst still being lightweight and easy to use even with just one hand. It features a bridge pin puller for your guitar on the handle’s end and you can also choose its color – from black to light-blue and white.

The Trigger Capo PLUS – this one is a step-up in quality. Made from aluminium alloy, it’s very durable, sturdy and good looking while still being inexpensive. It can clamp on pretty much every fretboard due to its versatile design and even though it delivers a tight fit, you can still easily reposition it mid-song with just one hand. On top of all, you can also get it in 7 different colors (Black, Blue, Golden, Green, Red, White and Silver).

The Trigger Capo PRO – this unit has the word “PRO” on its name for a reason – it not only looks but also performs like a professional tool. Made from durable aluminium alloy, it’ll endure heavy use while its soft rubber pads will prevent its strong grip and pressure from damaging your strings and your guitar’s neck. It’s attractively priced for the quality it delivers and its quick release system allows you to easily reposition it up and down your fret, without ever disturbing your guitar’s tuning. To ensure you match it with your style, you have the option to choose between 5 different colors – Black, Blue, Gold, Red and Silver.


These are the honorable mentions, the close runner-ups to our best selling capos.

What Makes These the Best Capos on the Market

High-quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Whatever material the capo you choose is made of – plastic, aluminum or steel – you can rest assured it’s the best on the market. For example, even though they have plastic bodies and are the cheaper choice, the spring clamp plastic capos do their job effectively, offering you a lightweight, portable and efficient solution. Then, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for better quality, the metal trigger capos offer you a more durable option, with a more powerful grip that’s made to last years and years of heavy use. All options have the words “high quality” in mind, meaning you’ll get a sturdy, reliable and expertly designed tool, always.

Customer’s Feedback

We’re talking about the best selling capos, so obviously the most important factor here is the customers who buy them. With that in mind, every single day we take a look at the reviews our customers leave us and learn from them. Why is this capo selling more? Why is this one selling less? No business can prevail without listening to the audience and, because of that, we can understand why these ones are our best sellers and search for more like them. All of the best sellers share one important trait – they all offer:

Excellent Value for the Price

That’s right! As expected, all of our best sellers deliver outstanding bang for the buck, offering professional features and durable construction all at a beautifully attractive price.

What Makes the Best Capos Standout

Versatility & Customization

Everyone loves a capo which pairs perfectly with your guitar & style, and that’s why our best sellers are generally the ones that offer the most diverse range of colors and styles. Can you already imagine a silver capo in your black guitar, or a red capo marrying some red details on your bass? The sky is the limit when we’re talking about creativity and our capos are one more stroke to paint the canvas that is your stage persona.

Excellent Value Guaranteed

Web stores keep pushing the bar of both quality and great pricing and we’re here to not only fight but win this competition. The quality we offer is top notch but that’s not enough, hence why all of our products are available at outstandingly affordable prices. Our best sellers all have one thing in common: an amazing price-quality relation.

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