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What makes these Guitar Capos the Best on the Market

High-Quality Materials

When looking for a guitar capo, there’s 3 physical aspects you should always take into consideration: the capo's action design, the body's material, and the material of the pads that put pressure on the strings. It’s these small details that can enormously change the sound’s quality. So, and because everyone deserves a choice, we offer you capos made from zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, plastic and elastic materials - all of the highest quality. Regarding the pads, we provide you with rubber or silicone - two of the most highly beloved choices. While each one has its specific characteristics, both are up to the test and will give you a clean sound, whilst making sure your strings never get damaged.

Beautiful Designs

Being a famous musician has never been all about the music. Although the way you play and your skills are a big part of your success, your stage persona and your style are also two big factors that can help you set the difference and reach stardom. Everything from your guitar, to your clothes and even to your guitar capo, has to be in sync, and that’s why here at MyCapos we offer you the best designs we could find worldwide. Have a look around and we’re sure you’ll find the one.

Excellent Value

We don’t do a daily search on the web for the best capos in the market. We search for the capos with the best price-quality relation. There’s a lot of companies that like to take advantage of first-starters and over-bill them for simple music accessories. You’ll never have to worry with that happening here at MyCapos. Excellent value is what we're known for.

Our Diverse Range of Guitar Capos

  • If shredding an electric guitar is your thing, and you need a strong, flexible capo to keep up with you and your distortion pedal, you should check out our Electric Guitar Capos. Power up your sessions and reach new keys and chords much easier and with a cleaner sound.
  • Strong, but carefully designed not to scratch your wooden wonder, take advantage of our Acoustic Guitar Capos. An easier time in reaching new chords and scales gives you more time to just focus on your music, feel the blues, and climb the stairway to stardom.
  • Being traditional doesn’t mean staying in the past, but you shouldn’t use any capo on your classic guitar’s extra-wide and delicate neck either. Introduce these Classic Guitar Capos to your guitar, and let them help you have an amazing experience and reach high quality sounds in timeless songs.
  • Doing fret chords in a regular guitar can already be difficult to some people, now imagine the sore fingers you get doing it in a 12 string guitar. Let these 12 String Guitar Capos take that job and, instead, use your fingers to play around with those scales and reach creative, out-of-the-world, solos.
  • It’s a common joke between musicians: the bass player never gets the credit and is always forgotten. You won’t see that happening with us! Those heavy vibration metal strings need something strong and sturdy to put them in place, and these Bass Guitar Capos are just the thing you need.

What Our Guitar Capos Offer You

Versatility & Customization

We’ve got products for every taste & style out there. Not only capos focused on different instruments (electric, acoustic, classic, 12-strings and bass guitars), but also made with different materials, different pads, different pressure systems, different shapes and different colors. If you’re a full-time musician, or even someone who plays for a hobby, a capo is something you’ll use extremely often, hence the importance of testing around different choices and choosing the one that you most feel comfortable with.

Thoroughly Tested Quality

Here at MyCapos, we don’t just sell anything. We make sure every product we offer not only does its job, but excels at it. We take the time to test every single capo in different settings, relying on our own team of amateur and semi-professional musicians, coming from diverse musical backgrounds. Putting our heads together, we test, we discuss, and we decide which capos have the necessary quality to be on our store, offering you only the cream of the crop.

Shaped with Direct Input from Professionals

In order to reach perfection, we’re not ashamed to ask for help. And who better than the ones who’ve been in the music world for decades and have seen the direct impact of capos in sound? We take advantage of our own network of freelance producers, musicians and sound engineers and use their experienced and extremely valuable opinions to enrich our capo selection.