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What Makes Our 12 String Guitar Capos the Best

High-Quality Materials

A guitar capo is a tool that has to check two major characteristics: one part sturdy, one part soft, i.e., the foundation has to be strong and durable, in order to have a long life of falls, bumps and constant use, while the pads have to be soft not to damage the strings with the constant pressure. That’s why, here at MyCapos, you’ll see only the cream of the crop regarding materials. For the foundations you can choose between aluminium or zinc alloy or, if you want a cheaper option, plastic (even for plastic, it’s pretty strong). For the pads we offer you only the top-shelf silicone or rubber.

Amazing Value

We were boasting about the quality of the capos we offer, but don’t you think you’ll have to spend a great deal of money in getting these amazing capos. A 12 string guitar is no small investment and there are other music accessories that will also cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we also keep in mind the importance of offering you capos that, not only perform like professional tools, but are exceptionally low price for their quality. Because we aren’t the ones developing them, we can search the web daily for the best discounts and low prices, in order to give you what you need, for the price you deserve.

Direct Input From Professionals

Double the strings, double the notes, double the creativity to create something extraordinary - that’s the way we look at 12 string guitars. The stakes are high, so you need accessories that can keep up with your guitar’s different characteristics. We searched around our network of freelance producers and musicians and talked with the ones that have worked with 12 string guitar for years, in order to present you, not only the best and the most affordable capos, but the ones that better co-operate with your guitar.

Our Wide Range of 12 String Guitar Capos

  • Inside the Clamp Capos you can choose between simple clamps or spring clamps. These are one of the most widely used by musicians, offering the simplicity of being able to be used with one hand easily and quickly while the quality of their clamping mechanism - tight and even - prevents buzzing sounds. They fit most 12 string guitars without adjustment and the diverse range we offer you lets you choose between simpler ones and more complex ones (some even bring a built-in tuner or a bridge pin puller).
  • Another highly popular choice is the Trigger Capo. They're good looking, durable and super fast plus they're available in different, creative designs like skulls and crocodiles (yes, we said crocodiles). Other advantages include quick release, durable materials and their ability to produce amazingly clean sounds. Convenient and expertly design, they also won’t get in your way.
  • The Screw Capos offer you an unique benefit: you can use its screw to adjust the pressure between the silicone cushion pads and your strings. With its anti-slip effect, the pad's even pressure gives you a clean sound, with no loss of tuning, whilst its aluminium alloy body makes it not only durable and sturdy, but also an elegant looking tool.

We also have other unique options that you might be interested in. Let's take a look at them below.

The Wrap-Around Capo and the Glider Capo are mostly for gliding around your neck, resulting in clean and sliding notes. Whilst the first one is made of elastic materials and has 3 different tension positions, the latter has no screws, no clamps and no rubber bands to slow you down. Both are easily maneuvered and, for their endless possibilities, very low priced.

The Spider Capo is kind of a novelty. Its independent string pressure system allows you to let some strings unpressed and work with more complex and creative chords. Even though it’s made of hardened plastic, it’s a sturdy capo that will definitely help you reach the kind of complex songs you’ve been trying to learn.

On the base of our diverse range you’ve got the simplest and cheapest capos. The Simple Toggle Capos are made of metal and nylon and, even though they are the option to follow if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, they still do their job effectively.

Extras that Our 12-String Guitar Capos Deliver

Quality Guarantee