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What Makes Our Acoustic Guitar Capos the Best

Tailor-Made for Your Guitar

Most acoustic guitars don’t have the resilience of an electric one, much less of a bass. They’re more fragile and need a more careful approach - that’s why these capos are mindful of what they’re working with. Even with a strong pressure system, their soft silicone and rubber pads won’t damage the strings or the neck. You can move them around with one hand, quickly and easy, without having the fear of clipping a string.

Beautiful Designs

Maybe you like simple designs - we’ve got those in a large range of colors and finishes. Maybe you like more complex designs – we’ve also got a pretty big range of those. From skulls, sharks, crocodiles and jaguars to swords and more, we've got you covered with all types of cool shapes. Be the guitar player that wows everyone, not only with your skills, but also with your style. The best part? You won't be sacrificing style for quality! Our capos not only look stunning, but they perform just as good as they look.

Amazing Results

Our acoustic guitar capos will guide you in your musical journey and help you reach amazing new results. With their combination of high-grade materials, expert design and professional pressure systems, they give you the ability to raise the key of your strings with ease and play around freely with notes, chords and scales.

Our Wide Range of Acoustic Guitar Capos

  • Our best sellers for a reason, the Spring Clamp Capos are a classic choice. They excel at their job, look fantastic and are available at a very affordable price, hence their popularity. They feature strong steel springs and versatile clamps that fit most acoustic guitar perfectly as well as being expertly designed to provide comfortable handles and quick-changing abilities. Some of them are even multifunctional, offering a bridge pin puller or a built-in tuner.
  • Next-up you’ve got the Trigger Capos. Quick release and an easy, one-hand use make them perfect for changing pitch mid-song effortlessly. With no adjustments required, they perform like a professional tool, whilst their designs offer a touch of class to your acoustic guitar. They're also extremely sturdy and look fantastic.
  • If you’re someone who enjoys having a say in every aspect of your music, the Screw Capos offer you the possibility to finely tune the pressure between its silicon cushion pads and your guitar’s strings. Made of durable metal and featuring a polished finish, you’re purchasing something to last a lifetime of use while always maintaining its core functions (like that nice anti-slip effect).

Not too common on acoustic guitars, but some people love that slide effect. Changing a note’s sounds after it was played is not for everyone, but these Wrap-Around Capos are a big help in achieving that. With 3 different gears, you can adjust it to your neck guitar while protecting it at all costs – mainly because its elastic materials. If you want to take it even further - no screws, no clamps and no rubber bands - then the Glider Capo is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to slide around your guitar neck and jump from fret to fret effortlessly without unwanted scratchy sounds.

Finally, we've got the Spider Capo. Its unique independent string pressure system allows you to leave some strings without any contact while pushing down on others, allowing you to replicate complex chords with ease without having those sore fingers. You can reach amazingly creative classic solos in you acoustic guitar and wow your audience.

What You Get with Our Guitar Capos

Portability & Convenience

No one likes big, chunky tools on their guitar necks. It’s awkward and it gets in the way of your groove when you’re playing. A perfect capo does its job, looks good and, most importantly, doesn’t feel like it’s there. Our acoustic guitar capos are portable, lightweight, convenient and produce enough string pressure to completely eliminate any rattling or buzzing noises.

Quick and Easy Use

Whether it's the trigger, the spring, or the screw ones, every capo in our store is designed with the quick-change in mind. We’re talking about a tool that’s going to be used very often in a musician’s career, and when you’re playing to a crowd every second counts. You don’t want to sacrifice your show’s rhythm with a slow process of changing a capo’s position every song (or even mid-song). Hence these quick changing systems that allow you to use only one hand and do it effortlessly, culminating in some truly outstanding results.

High-Quality Experience

Aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, and hardened plastic - all top-grade materials that our capos are made of. Their sturdy bodies allow them to have a long life, survive falls and bumps, and still do what they were made to do no matter what. The pads are also made of rubber or silicone, giving you a soft, but firm pressure on your guitar’s strings and neck.