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Why Our Bass Guitar Capos are the Best on the Market

Strong and Sturdy

Using a capo in a guitar and using it in a bass is completely different. A typical E-string in a bass is 0.105in (2,7mm) in diameter, whilst the largest one in an electric guitar is 0.046in (1,2mm). Therefore, you’ll need capos that are stronger and can put a larger amount of pressure on your bass’ metal strings. Just have a look at our selection and you’ll notice that with aluminium and zinc alloy bodies, they’re sturdy and good looking. Not only that, but their reinforced spring and trigger systems will give you a beautifully rich and powerful sound.

Portable, Lightweight and Easy to Use

Being able to offer you sturdiness and power is not an excuse to have a large, chunky, hard to use bass capo. Our range is made of lightweight materials and, due to their small size, won’t get in your way while you’re slapping and playing some funky tunes. Most of them even allow you to use only one hand to dismount and mount them quickly and with ease. You can even do it seamlessly, mid-song, and achieve smooth results.

Built with Professionals

Music isn’t an exact science, but a limitless art. That’s why you shouldn’t blindly trust in the product’s specifications and expect them to perform like you think they should. Here at MyCapos, before getting a capo in our front store, we test it in various settings, and on various instruments. One of our major concerns was how they would fare against large metal bass strings, and we were very surprised with the results. Not only are they durable and lightweight but also strong enough to produce a large amount of pressure and, therefore, generate a spotless, clear sound.

Our Diverse Range of Bass Guitar Capos

  • If you want to take your skills and your music a step further, you should look at our Spring Clamp Capos. You have the choice between simple clamp and spring clamp capos, even though, for bass strings, we recommend spring clamps. The latter has high-quality steel springs, doesn’t damage the frets and, most importantly, the compact silicone pads will give you a clean sound, without buzzing or string rattling.
  • The Trigger Capos are very similar to the Clamp ones with the difference of working with a trigger, instead of a spring. Its quick release system allows you to use it fairly easily and can even be repositioned, mid-song, with one hand, without disturbing the bass’ tuning. With a diverse range of designs, choose the one that best matches your bass and be amazed with the low prices we offer you.
  • If you’re someone who likes to have a saying in the small details, the Screw Capos are more your face. Its screw allows you to decide the stress you put our strings on, while its soft rubber pads offer your guitar’s neck and strings protection. Performing like a professional tool, the screw capos not only award your music with great clean sounds but its creative designs will finally make the bass player the center of attention.

You also have the simple toggle unit which is the most basic, cheapest option. If you don’t have the habit of using capos on your sessions, and you don’t want to spend that much money, you should check them out. Adjustable, versatile, and portable, these capos will do their job effectively.

Finally, if you want to play funky tunes by gliding and sliding around your bass’ fret then don't forget to check out the Wrap-Around Capo and the Glider Capo. While both offer you the possibility of slide notes, they still have some differences. The first one is made of durable, elastic material, with 3 different tension positions. If fits pretty well most fretboards and its really comfortable on your hand. The latter has no screws, no clamps, and no rubber bands – nothing to slow you down. Its Equi-Glide dual tensioning system not only gives you the chance to glide around seamlessly and smoothly, but also maintain an even pressure, allowing you to always stay in tune.