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What Makes our Classic Guitar Capos the Best on the Market

Tailor-Made Designs

Before you pick up a classic guitar and start going to town on it with some tango, bossa nova, or some old school classical symphony, you should know that it’s an instrument that needs a little bit more care in the way you use it. It usually brings nylon strings, an extra-wide neck, and a flat fretboard, making it quite different than other guitars - hence the importance of buying a capo that takes that into account. We've made sure that all of our classic guitar capos perfectly adapt to the flat fretboard and wider neck, resulting in excellent sounds and performance.

Thoroughly Tested

We didn’t enter the capos business blindly. Our team has years and years of diverse musical backgrounds and we’re not afraid to put them to good use. Every capo you see on our store has been tested in different settings, in different instruments, by different people. If we want to offer you the best, we have to know for sure what is the best, so testing the products is something we do very often. Playing in a classic guitar is a very precise task, where a slight out of tune string can ruin a whole song, so a capo's ability to deliver even pressure is crucial – and they do, we tested them!

Professional Performance

The best capo is the one that not only raises the pitch of a guitar perfectly without any buzzing or string rattling, but also the one that’s practically an extension of the musician. Classical music is one of the hardest genres to play in a guitar, because every single little note has a big importance in the big picture. Consequently, a big and chunky capo will only get on your way and offer resistance in climbing and descending keys. The capos we offer are properly sized, easy to use, and portable. They're there to excel at their job and look great while also giving you enough room to be precise and creative.

Our Wide Range of Classic Guitar Capos

  • A Clamp Capo is a versatile choice. It's easy to change with just one hand mid-song and the clamp capo not only looks like a professional tool, but also performs like one. You have the option to choose between a simple clamp or a spring clamp, the latter being stronger and sturdier, due to its steel spring. A soft silicon cushion is perfect for your classic guitar’s nylon strings and its fragile fretboard, while still giving you a tight and even pressure.
  • Trigger Capos are rocketing in popularity due to their awesome performance, great looks and attractive prices. They're made to fit pretty much every guitar’s neck and we've got them available in amazing designs, such as some classy wood finishes, or some out of this world skull and crocodile shapes. With excellent value, the trigger capos have a quick release system and can be repositioned without disturbing the tuning – what else do you want in a capo?
  • Want unmatched precision and the perfect fit? The Screw Capos offers you exactly that – with a screw on the back of the capo (won’t get in your hand’s way), you can manipulate the pressure between the soft and resilient, high quality silicone pad, and your strings. Designed to replicate the feeling of finger tips, it gives you guaranteed accuracy.

You can also check out some capos with specific functions and systems. The independent string pressure system of the Spider Capo allows you to reach amazing and creative chords by choosing which strings you want to press. The Gliding Capo and the Wrap-Around Capo are perfect for sliding tones – the big difference being the latter is made of elastic materials, to better protect your guitar’s neck.

Finally, if capos are something you don’t use in your everyday guitar sessions and you’re just looking for something cheap and practical to help you from time to time, you should look into the Simple Toggle Capos. They’re cheap, durable and still clamp tightly and evenly.