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What Makes our Guitar Capos the Best on the Market

Durable Quality

Rock N’ Roll is not for the faint of heart and in addition to a powerful electric guitar, you’ll also need a durable and high-quality capo if you want to reach clean and potent sounds in a consistent way. Firmly pressing your strings without any damage to the neck is one of our capo’s main characteristics here at MyCapos. Strong aluminium alloy or sturdy zinc alloy are just two of the options you can choose from.

Eye-catching Designs

Modern, old-fashioned, sharks, skulls, crocodiles and much more. Every design we offer you is the result of an extensive search for the most good looking, stylish capos we could find (that still maintain its practical and effective core). Look around our store and choose the one that best goes with your electric guitar in terms of sound quality and appearance!

Quick-Changing Mechanisms

A guitar capo that takes time to set up and to change its position not only destroys its practical efficiency, but also becomes extremely annoying to use. We make sure every capo in our store has a quick-changing system that allows you to play around scales and chords in a seamless, effortless way. From spring systems and elastic materials, to screw mechanisms & more, every capo has its specific functions and it's up to you to decide which one best suits your musical needs.

Our Wide Range of Electric Guitar Capos

Whether you want a simple solution or a more advanced one, we've got you covered - all customizable to ensure they suit your style.

  • The Clamp Capos are one of the types of capos most used nowadays. You have the option to choose between a basic or a spring clamp. Both are made of durable, high grade, but lightweight, plastic or metal. The simple and spring clamps have a silicone pad that offers a firm and evenly distributed pressure along each fret, preventing that horrible buzzing sound.
  • The other type most used nowadays are the Trigger Capos. Made from aluminium alloy or zinc alloy, its trigger allows the pads to maintain a constant and strong pressure on the strings, whilst giving you a quick and easy mount (you can do it with just one hand, mid-song!). Again, its design’s creativity doesn’t have a limit, offering you stylish and beautiful shapes.
  • The third most used type of capos by guitar players is the Screw Capo. Designed to replicate the feeling of finger tips, this capo has a screw, making it possible to adjust the tension you put on your strings. Made of zinc alloy, it’s very durable and its pads not only protect your strings, but also your guitar’s neck. As if it wasn’t enough, you should definitely check the craziest and most amazing designs we have to offer.
  • The Wrap-Around Capo is a novelty. It’s an elastic, multi-functional guitar capo, giving you 3 different tension positions. Its small, convenient, portable, and you can even slide it around easily, creating amazing solos.
  • The Spider Capo is one of a kind. If you want to play creative, but complex chords, most capos are useless - but not the spider. Its independent string pressure system allows you to hit each string individually, giving you the option to play some open chords.
  • If you're into wild sounds and sliding keys, we've got you covered with the Glider Capo. As the name states, it's made for gliding around and delivering you amazingly creative sliding sounds. No screws, clamps, or rubber bands to slow you down, its Equi-Glide dual transitioning system makes sure the pressure is even, preventing buzzing, and always staying in tune.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for something cheap and practical, take a look at our most basic capos – Simple Toggle Capos. Made from nylon, metal, and plastic, they do their job effectively.

What You Get with Our Guitar Capos

Unmatched Style

The greatest electric guitar players of all time not only had the skills to back it up, but also the style. Ranging from a funky and colorful Jimmy Hendrix, to a more dark, classic, and bad-ass Jimmy Page, they all had something in common: from the top of the head to the sole of their feat, everything was an extent of their personality. That’s why we knew that offering you capos in different colors wasn’t enough. Our diverse range of capos is something you must take advantage of if you want to build a consistent stage persona.

Excellent Value

Every company has to focus on maintaining margins and grow economically – that’s just how the business world works. But we have another main focus, here at MyCapos. We want to give to the world of music what it gave to us: equal opportunity. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how much money you’ve got. What matters is what type of sounds you’re capable of making, and that’s why we offer you a selection of top-notch capos that deliver the best price-quality relationship you'll ever find.

Professional Features

When searching for a guitar capo, you can read numerous reviews online and still be in the same place. Sound is not an exact science, and words can’t describe what some capos are capable of doing. With that in mind, we put those written reviews aside and went to talk with the ones who work with them everyday. Experienced advice from musicians and sound engineers was extremely valuable, not only for us (we were able to offer you a range of top-quality capos, tested by the ones that know their stuff), but also for you (you know that, whatever capo you choose, you’ll be making a smart purchase).