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Trigger Capo PLUS – Metal Trigger Capo in 7 Colors

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Trigger Capo PLUS – Metal Trigger Capo in 7 Colors

Suitable for ukuleles, mandolins, electric, acoustic, bass and even classic guitars, the Metal Trigger Capo PLUS is a must for every artist who doesn’t stick to only one instrument. Versatile and durable, its an amazing tool, performing professionally and helping you reach clear sounds in most string instruments you’ve got laying around your studio.

  • High quality aluminium
  • Clamps on nearly all fretboards
  • Quick and easy release system
  • Excellent value

The metal trigger capo PLUS not only has a durable and sturdy high quality aluminium alloy body but also a clean, fresh, and modern look that comes with it. It also doesn’t break easily, ensuring you have a tool that will truly last.

We know classic guitar players haven’t got an easy life regarding capos, as the wider fretboard is a no-no for a lot of capos. No problems here. The trigger capo PLUS fits most guitar necks, whilst its soft silicone pads offer protection, preventing any damage to your instruments.

With a quick trigger release system and a comfortable grip, you can change the capo’s fret position easily and quickly, in a matter of seconds, making the changes seamless.

Lastly, customization is a must in today’s music accessories and that’s why, for the mere amount of a few bucks, you can choose between 6 different colors to match your style (Black, Blue, Golden, Green, Red, Silver and White).

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Trigger Capo PLUS

More information:
Size: 8×7.5×1.6 cm
Weight: 60 g


Additional information

Weight0.07 oz
Dimensions10 × 15 × 10 in


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21 reviews for Trigger Capo PLUS – Metal Trigger Capo in 7 Colors

  1. Cooper

    For classical guitars, this is exactly what you need! It’s pretty hard to find a capo for classic guitars due to their unique wide fretboard but wow, this one is just perfect. Deserves my BEST CHOICE sticker haha

  2. Glenn Marsh

    One word: perfect. I even took a picture to show you, it looks and performs like a professional tool, best purchase I’ve made.

  3. Rob Gonzalez

    Looks very good and works great on my electric guitar, it also arrived quickly so that’s a bonus. Excellent.

  4. Carl Arenas

    Delivers a touch of class to my guitar! Works perfectly too, love using it.

  5. Jake

    Top quality all the way with a great price to boot. Came quickly too and very well packaged.

  6. John K.

    For the money, this capo is beyond exceptional. Durable, looks great and BEAUTIFUL price. 5 stars.

  7. Paul Brookes

    Well above my expectations, truly great capo, very rugged and well-built.

  8. Elsie Price

    Even better than expected, it’s super easy to use, quick to change and I can tell it’ll last a lifetime. Great purchase at a truly mind blowing price.

  9. Peter Dias

    I highly recommend this capo to everyone! It’s perfect in both looks and usability plus the store itself at MyCapos is fantastic, great people.

  10. Tierri

    Très bien! Awesome capo.

  11. Michael Torrez

    Awesome quality, the spring is also nice and strong, giving a really tight grip. Got mine in white and it looks great, I highly recommend this capo.

  12. Evelyn M

    Great quality at a great price, especially love the strong spring! Fits my guitars like a dream.

  13. Sharon

    Both the capo and the customer service are top notch. Recommended.

  14. Will Larson

    Thank you for the fast delivery and the fantastic capo, can’t believe it’s this good at such a low price.

  15. Jessy

    Excellent capo, delivery took around 2 and a half weeks.

  16. Delgado

    Fits my regular Spanish guitar like a glove, it also looks really good and it’s super sturdy.

  17. Francisco Smith

    AWESOME product and quick delivery. Big thanks to the store for sending in a free guitar pick too, little detail that made me happy 🙂

  18. Anthony M.

    Got two (this and the Skull & Swords one) capos, both look and perform perfectly. Can’t thank the shop enough for providing such a good product at a low price, it really helps!

  19. Victor Schreib

    Great capo, perfectly holds on the electric guitar!

  20. Aleida Scott

    All as in the photos, the strings clamp perfectly. Super happy with the purchase!

  21. Nelson R

    Delivery was just 2 weeks and the capo is awesome. Beautiful visuals and very strong spring.

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