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What Makes Our Banjo Capos the Best

Amazing Materials Lead to Amazing Results

You can be playing some country music, shredding some rock solo, or just feeling some old folk vibes - a banjo is an amazing all-round instrument. Having this enormous amount of techniques associated with it, the banjo needs capos that can keep up with fast strumming, finger picking & more. Therefore, the pressure you put on the strings not only has to be strong, but the fragile neck and strings have also to be taken into account. Aluminium, zinc, plastic, nylon, silicone and rubber (all the highest quality) are the materials that will deliver just that. Take a look at our capo’s diverse range and choose the one that you feel best pairs with your banjo - any one of them features high quality materials and an expert design.

Small but Sturdy

If having a big and stocky capo in a normal guitar can already be awkward and difficult to handle, imagine it in a smaller instrument, like a banjo. The majority of the capos we offer, here at MyCapos, will comfortably fit in your hand and in your fretboard. Small, portable and convenient, they can be repositioned with one hand, quickly and easily, whilst not getting in the way of your music. Find the capo you’ve been dreaming about and raise the key much more easily, while playing the tunes you want more freely.

Style with Substance

Performing is not only about the type of sounds you’re capable of producing, but also the show you put on and the stage persona you create. Therefore, we’ve got capos for every style and vibe. From the classic designs to skulls, crocodiles, jaguars and sharks, we've got the perfect design for you. Browse our store and find the right match for your banjo and for your groove.

Incredible Bang for the Buck

All of our banjo capos deliver absolutely outstanding value for the price, staying true to what our store's known for.

Our Diverse Range of Banjo Capos

  • The classic Clamp Capos are divided in two types: the Simple Clamp Capos and the Spring Clamp Capos. Besides both having different designs, their big difference is the steel strong springs in the latter one. Both have silicone cushion pads to protect your banjo’s neck and strings while giving you an evenly pressure – preventing buzzing and string rattling.
  • Switching out the classic spring system for a potent trigger, the Trigger Capos are also a very good choice. Aluminium alloy bodies and soft rubber pads make them strong, durable, and thoughtful of your banjo’s physical integrity. Effective, good looking and with a quick release system, they can be repositioned with one hand easily and deliver truly awesome results. If you’re not convinced yet, you should definitely check out some of the crazy designs we've got them in!
  • If you’re one of those musicians who loves having control of every little detail, then the Screw Capos are a great choice for you. With their adjustable screw system, you can manipulate the pressure between the strings and the capo’s pads, reaching that perfect balance you desire. Designed to simulate the feeling of finger tips, the high-quality silicone-cushion pads are soft and have excellent resilience – meaning the capo can become your side-kick for a really long time.

Sliding notes in banjo music is common for a reason - it produces beautifully bright, creative sounds, but the old times of doing it with an empty beer bottle are gone (even though it looks awesome!). Take care of your banjo while wowing everyone with your gliding skills, with our sliding capos. First you’ve got the Wrap-Around Capo. Made from elastic, but durable material, you can fasten in it in your banjo’s fretboard very easily and quickly and push it around smoothly like you’re playing with butter. If you want to take ti a step further, then the Glider Capo is the answer, allowing you to reach more complex key slides. No screws, no clamps and no rubber bands, its Equi-Glide dual transitioning system will give you the perfectly even pressure (no loss of tuning), while sliding up and down the scales.

Finally, for those that want the most basic banjo capo you can get, you’ve got the Simple Toggle Capo. As the name states, its simple pressure system allows you to have a tool that performs well and doesn’t feel too extravagant. It's super basic and cheap but it does what it needs to.