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What Makes our Mandolin Capos the Best in the Market

Tailor-made Solutions

Similar to banjos and ukulele’s, the mandolin has different characteristics from normal guitars and, therefore, needs tools that can adapt well and still do the job they were made for. With a smaller and more fragile fretboard and thinner metal strings, the mandolin is asking for a capo that will, not only adjust perfectly and tightly around its neck, but also be made of materials that will protect it. This range of capos offer you just that – aluminium and zinc alloy bodies with strong pressure systems, and silicone-cushion soft, but resilient pads.

Attractive Designs

For a tool like a capo to be efficient and competent it doesn’t need to be boring, uncreative and simple. You don’t have to sacrifice style for quality – at least not here, at MyCapos. Just browse our store and you’re going to find a little bit of everything. If you want to free the animal inside you and let it guide your music, why don’t you look at our animal designs, like a crocodile, a shark, or a jaguar? We also have capos for more hard-metal minds, like skulls and swords. In short, there’s something for everyone and you just have to choose the one that will best pair with your music, your vibe, and your mandolin.

Ease of Use

When looking for capos to present in our store, we’ve stumbled upon ones that are just too uncomfortable. Some were just too big and would get in your hand’s way, some would take ages to mount and dismount, forcing you to stop playing and use both hands to do it, and others were just uncomfortable in your hand and horribly ugly. Those disadvantages were taken very serious by our team, so we’ve come across a selection of capos that are comfortable, small, convenient and beautiful. Not only they perform like a professional tool, but they are the perfect partner in your love triangle (you, the capo and the mandolin).

Our Wide Range of Mandolin Capos

  • The Simple Toggle Capo is the most basic capo we offer you. Low-priced, but still very effective, the simple toggle capo is made from metal and nylon and even though it doesn’t look too fancy, its pressure system clamps tightly and performs well.
  • Inside the clamp capos you have two major choices: the Simple Clamp Capos and the Spring Clamp Capos. Both offer you an effective even pressure along your strings, producing clean sounds. The major difference is the high quality steel spring in the latter one, offering you a more reliable and durable capo. Still, both have an excellent value, and their silicone cushion pads will preserve your fragile mandolin’s neck and fretboard.
  • The Trigger Capos are fairly similar to the Clamp capos, the big difference being the awesome trigger system. You can choose some amazing, extravagant and creative designs, and still get small and convenient sizes (no one likes to bump against a capo while playing our hearts out). Easy to use, their quick release system allows them to be repositioned mid-song with just one hand, easily.
  • Even though the mandolin usually has metal strings, its fragile neck can be a headache if not properly taken care of. The perfect solution to this issue, the Screw Capo's mechanism allows you to carefully screw it and increase the pressure between the pads and the strings or unscrew it and decrease it. Made of durable metal and high quality silicone, it’s designed to replicate the feeling of finger tips and provide you with clear, fresh, and elegant sounds.
  • If sliding and gliding up and down the fret is your groove, these two gliding capos are a perfect option for you. The Wrap-Around capo is made of elastic materials and will fit pretty much every fretboard. With 3 different tension positions, its small, convenient, fits comfortably on your hand and, most importantly, provides tight tension and clean sounds.
  • The Glider Capo is a step-up in sliding capos. No screws, no clamps, and no rubber bands to slow you down. Low-priced for a glider, its Equi-Glide dual tensioning system levels the capo, giving you an even pressure and allowing you to always stay in tune.