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What Makes These Ukulele Capos the Best on the Market

Tailor Made

If you use any capo on your ukulele, it won’t take long till the strings pop and your ukulele’s neck gets damaged. They're often made from  more fragile wood and nylon strings, so they need a properly well-designed capo in order to reach clean chords and still maintain physical integrity. The capos we present to you here are made from sturdy, high-quality metal and plastic while also keeping the special requirements of your ukulele in mind - hence their soft rubber pads.

Perfect Size

If a capo's size and portability means a lot in normal guitars, in ukuleles it's even more important. Not only is the fret substantially smaller and thinner, but no one likes having a chunky and awkward capo sitting on the neck and throwing off your balance. If you look around, you’ll find convenient tools, made specifically for smaller instruments, while still performing just as well as our other capos.

Fantastic Value

As always, our trademark feature rings true with our ukulele capos as well. All of them deliver awesome bang for the buck and ensure you get a quality product at an attractive price.

Our Diverse Range of Ukulele Capos

  • Maybe you’re new to the ukulele or you just don’t feel confident enough to spend a large amount of money in accessories – if that’s the case, check out the Simple Toggle Capos. Its metal body and nylon strap will do their job effectively, while also being a low-cost option. Cheap, small and portable are just a few advantages.
  • Inside the clamp capos range you can choose between Simple Clamp Capos and Spring Clamp Capos. There isn’t a huge difference between both, except the latter one being sturdier (due to its high quality spring). They both offer you a quick and easy release system, allowing you to rapidly change its fret position with one hand. We offer you various design options and you can choose some more complex ones, some even having built-in tuners and bridge pin pullers.
  • The Trigger Capos are also a very thoughtful choice. Very durable aluminium alloy bodies and soft silicone pads are the culprits behind their strong pressure and clean sound. Performing like a professional tool, these capos have greatly creative designs (just take a look at our crocodile and skull ones), bringing your ukulele's style to a new level.
  • The Screw Capos are also a perfect pair for your ukulele – their screw system allows you to manipulate the pressure you put between their rubber pads and the ukulele’s strings. If you’re hearing buzzing sounds, screw it tighter and if you’re feeling your ukulele’s neck can’t breath, you can simply unscrew it slightly.
  • You also have the classic wrap-around which pairs with the uke's small fretboard perfectly, as its elastic material allows it to fit most necks (it has 3 different fits). Durable and portable, you’ll feel how easy it is to fasten it and just start having fun with its glide function.
  • Sometimes you need to be different if you want to stand out. If that’s something you want, then you've gotta check out the the Glider Capo. Without any screws, clamps, or rubber bands whatsoever, you have more hand-space to combine your shift slides with some amazing fingering solos. This is the perfect choice to better empower your sliding prowess and achieve some truly remarkable sounds.

What our Ukulele Capos Offer You

Amazing Results

If you want to reach bright, clean sounds and have the perfect fit for your uke, then you need a top-notch ukulele capo. One that's able to execute an even pressure in all strings, preventing buzzing and ugly sounds while also looking great and feeling even better - and that's what our selection of ukulele capos delivers. They'll give you the results you deserve with their professional designs and sturdy, but soft clamping pads.

Professional Features

Every time we’re working with instruments a little bit out of our comfort zone we always take value in professional opinions - and this time was no exception. While our team, here at MyCapos, doesn't have a lot of ukulele experience, there’s people out there who have a mountain of knowledge, so we went to find them. We listened to their personal experience and opinions on what makes a great ukulele capo (like the fragility of the strings and necks as well as the weight balance that needs to be achieved) and had it all in mind when choosing which units we'd have to offer.

Excellent Value

We’re not sick of saying it: one of our biggest goals is to deliver high-quality capos at super affordable prices. The only way to have a healthy relation with our costumers is to respect them and offer them what they need for the price they deserve - and that's exactly what we do!